Top 5 Best Zelda Cosplay

Top 5 Best Zelda Cosplay

You are a fan of The Legend Of Zelda and you would like to try cosplaying or simply find inspiration for a future cosplay? It's time for you to find the inspiration to get started! The objective of this blog post is to give you some ideas by proposing you a ranking of the 5 The Legend Of Zelda cosplays that have marked us! There is more obviously, but we only picked 5 for this time. 

This very common practice in Japan which consists in wearing a costume to look like virtual characters attracts more and more followers all over the world and also in the US. Our main characters from the Zelda saga are obviously part of it! Be careful, on the following ranking people have used extremely well this art of Cosplay so much that you could believe that your favorite characters are real!

We hope that thanks to these disguises, you will be able to identify yourself with your favorite characters of The Legend Of Zelda! We hope you will enjoy our "top 5 best Zelda cosplay" article

5 - Sheik cosplay 

Let's begin with a cosplay made with plenty of imagination and creativity. In 5th place is this reproduction of Sheik's outfit. From shoes to weapons, nothing is forgotten. This is very realistic, and the photo is excellent. Kudos to the cosplayer and creator!

4. Ganondorf cosplay

A cosplayer disguised as Ganon... Terrifying isn't it? Looks like the true Ganon! A word of advice: the choice of accessories in cosplay is essential! Wigs and make-up, everything's there, even the false beard.

3. Princess Zelda cosplay

Princess Zelda's winter outfit in Breath Of The Wild takes direct 3rd place in this ranking! A top-notch disguise and precision. We really like the noble look this cosplay gives. All the items are meticulously crafted. This cosplayer looks like a Hylian angel!

 2. Link and Zelda cosplay

In second place in our ranking, we find our favorite "couple" in perfect cosplay. Their Breath Of The Wild outfits and Link's legendary Master Sword and shield are extraordinary replicas! The authors of this cosplay have taken care of their disguises down to the last detail, with their Hylian ears and blond wigs. We're simply seduced!

1. Princess Zelda and Ganon cosplay

Once again, fans of the game have demonstrated their talent and creativity for this magnificent cosplay! In "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess", Princess Zelda is possessed by Ganondorf. Fans have perfectly captured this scene with these Ganon and Zelda disguises, while adding a touch of make-up to make this cosplay at its best!

That is all for now! We hope you enjoyed our "top 5 best Zelda cosplay" article.

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