About Us

During our childhood we became fans of the franchise by playing The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.
This was our first Zelda game, and it truly moved us.
We have always enjoyed exploring this open world, the depth of its storyline and the multitude of side quests.
All the hours spent getting lost in this most magical universe are our fondest memories.
That's why in 2022 we decided to share this passion by creating Zelda Shop, a website dedicated to forming a community around The Legend of Zelda.


We want to promote the values of courage and loyalty that are found in Link.
To do so, we have designed this website and blog, which is entirely dedicated to these strong principles.
In addition, we want everyone to be able to express their passion, and above all we want to create a true community.



"Who keeps his childish soul never gets old."
These few words perfectly represent the state of mind of our brand, which can be found in each of the articles on the website.