Top 10 Legend of Zelda Songs

Top 10 Legend of Zelda Songs

We all agree that the Legend Of Zelda is a masterpiece of its own, and that playing it is more than awesome. We all agree that the story, the characters, the gameplay play a huge part in making the game such a huge success. However, some of the best things in Zelda aren't necessarily visual. 

Indeed, Zelda's soundtrack is one of the most emotional, deep, intriguing, powerful. Have you ever felt shivers listening to some of the music in the game? Yeah. Beyond words...

So, if you want to know more about the music in Zelda, and what our Top 10 Legend of Zelda songs is made of, you are at the right place!

Zelda is a very musical game

At Zelda Shop, we are huge music fans. We listen to a lot of different styles, from pop-rock to traditional celtic music to metal and even anime soundtracks. We really like variety, and we love music that creates feelings inside of us. And in that regard we were really satisfied with the Legend of Zelda's music through the different opus, to say the least.

Imagine a game such as Zelda without music. Would be great wouldn't it? You would still fight monsters, solve enigmas and riddles, play the hero, enjoy the wonderful scenary but would it really be the same? Indeed not. Not only does the musical atmosphere make the game more immersive, but there is some otherwordly feeling that comes to the front. We do really feel like Hylians going through Hyrule in an epic quest towards fighting Ganon. 

Also, this wonderful music and soundtrack helps us create amazing memories. Has it ever happened to you (even for something else than Zelda), that you suddendly hear a music you had completly forgotten since a long time, yet by hearing it you are moved to some time you heard it long ago? It is as if time didn't exist anymore, and as if you suddendly were this little you, living the exact emotions you felt let's say twenty years ago. Music is powerful, it transcends time and space. And listening to Zelda's soundtrack will take you back to some of your best memories. It will get you either goosebumps, shivers down your spine or it will trigger the deepest warmth inside your heart... or both.

Enough talked now, are you guys ready for some nostalgia? Let's wait no more, and see our Top 10 Legend of Zelda songs !

10. "Hyrule Field Main Theme" - A Link to the Past

You are in your room, your parents are sleeping and you are overjoyed to share some time with yourself... and with Link. You are still young and innocent, but start to understand more and more things about the world. You are in awe at everything beautiful, and you are now switching on your gameboy.

This game is incredible, it is in 2D but it is still one of the best games ever made, and you hear the music... You are unstoppable, you are now inside as well as outside your comfort zone. It is time to relax and get involved in the fight. You are having so much fun, and you are so happy about everything. Whether your are 8, 10, 15 or 20 years old, it is like the darkness in the outside world and your everyday problems have disappeared now. 

Good times right? Couldn't help but feel nostalgic whilst listening to this! This reminds us that some good music plus an immersive game are all it takes, even without high tech graphics and huge monitors. 

A Link to the Past, is quite unique, and so is this powerful soundtrack. Now let's go next!

9. "Lost Woods" - Ocarina of Time

A completly different style, but this song will make you feel young again. Getting out of the lost woods is indeed a trip of its own! This song will make any experienced gamer wake up from the deepest sleep. It is one of Zelda's most renowned songs, and even non-Zelda players do like it for its originality. Just try to listen to this a few times in a row without whispering. If tell me you manage to do it, I don't believe you!

I hope you aren't too nostalgic by now, because more is to come...

8. "Zelda's Lullaby" - Ocarina of Time

This is probably one of the most calming and relaxing tune in the world. Period. And not necessarily only for Zelda players. The nostalgia level is through the roof with this one, and some fellow Zelda fans even chose this song for their wedding! A more casual use would be to put your baby to sleep with the song. We guarantee it will work. Or maybe not... But the sure thing is a few years down the line and you will get a mate to play the Legend of Zelda with!

Ok, this one is great, but we'll continue. You can listen to the extended version before sleeping or whenever you want, but for now we recommend you check the next songs, as there is more to see... or shall I say to hear!

7. "Kokiri Forest" - Ocarina of Time 

This one is cheerful, joyful, original, unique and very versatile. It is like the game itself, but you will probably remember some times spent in the Kokiri forest if you already played Ocarina of time... 

And another one for Ocarina of time... I am sorry but Ocarina is a musical masterpiece, so it is normal to have many songs from it. Let's see next!

6. "Breath of the Wild Theme" - Breath of the Wild

Speaking of masterpieces, this one is definitly in the top. Game like music, Breath of the wild is perhaps one of the most succesful video games ever created, and believe it or not, it is Nintendo's first try at an open world game!

This one is not so far away in time, but you do still feel nostalgic, don't you? If not, just wait a few years...

5. "Realm Overworld" - Spirit Tracks

This track is perfect for a train trip. Wait, isn't this Zelda opus specifically about it? The song and the game go so well together. It will bring back memories of driving through forests, tunnels, portals, blasting enemies with canons... Some say the track and Spirit Tracks itself are underrated. What do you think? 

At Zelda Shop, even though Spirit Tracks is not the best Zelda game in our opinion, we still find it really fun and immersive, and we love the song! It brings back memories for sure. 

4. "Midna's Lament" - Twilight Princess

Let's get into some more dramatic territory here. Who said games need to be fun 24/24? Zelda can also have its dramatic, sad yet powerful moments. Remember having Midna on your back as wolf Link? Yeah...

This track is powerful, deep, profound and masterful. So is Twilight Princess. 

3. "The Great Sea" - Wind Waker

If I had to choose a song to represent adventure, I would think of this one first. What can best represent adventure than such an upbeat, heroic song? Although we don't pretend to be profesionnals of sailing, some of us at Zelda Shop have already sailed in the real world, and there is nothing comparable to it. 

Wind Waker is an excellent game, and this soundtrack is probably one of the best ever created. What do you think?

2. "Dragon Roost Island" - Wind Waker


Speak of being adventurous! This other Wind Waker song is at least as good as the previous one. It triggers our adventurous side, as well as nostalgia and tremendous joy.

As some fellow Zelda player said :

"The pan flute just lifts you into ethereal realms of instant pleasures and tickled the tendencies of tranquility. Every. Song. Is. Golden!" 

1. "Great Fairy's Fountain" - Ocarina of Time

"Beyond words" is what would describe this song best. It is pure, simple, humble yet ethereal, noble and magnificent. It is at least one of the best Legend of Zelda tracks, and in our opinion the best one. I still feel shivers down my spine listening to it. Some who haven't play the game even feel nostalgic whilst listening to this song. Powerful indeed. 

This song will always remind us of a distant time, that feels like it is a dream yet not completly. Maybe it reminds us of what we were before we came to this Earth... but we can only speculate. In any case, 10/10, will listen to this until old age. 

What about you, what is your favorite Zelda song?

We are done now! There are so much incredible soundtracks in the Legend of Zelda, that a Top 10 is not enough to show everything, but we did our best to put songs that triggered the best memories. Whether you agree with our list or disagree, feel free to post your favorite Zelda songs in the comment section!

I hope you enjoyed our "Top 10 Legend of Zelda Songs" article!




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