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Discover here exclusive figurines, accessories and clothes. Spread courage and loyalty with our products.

Zelda Painting

You want to decorate your bedroom or dining room wall with Zelda colors? You've come to the right place! Our collection of paintings is ideal to get an original style oriented towards courage and loyalty!

Zelda Posters

If you are looking for an original decoration accessory with the image of Link or Princess Zelda, you are at the right place! Our poster collection is ideal for an original style oriented towards courage and loyalty!

Zelda Figures

Are you looking to expand your collection of Zelda figures? Then you've come to the right place! Our catalogue only offers quality models with fine and precise details.

Zelda Phone Cases

Give your phone the best gift in the world by protecting it optimally and in style. Get yourself a Zelda phone case that will be a hit with your friends.

Zelda Bedding

Create a unique bedroom with a new bedding set featuring some of the most famous Zelda characters and images.

Zelda Mugs

These heat-changing mugs will please all Zelda fans. One great advantage is that these mugs are original, unique gifts. It's just up to you to choose the one you like the most...

Zelda Rings

The centrepiece of any self-respecting Japanese style, Zelda Rings are more than just accessories. They represent the soul of the wearer.

Zelda Backpack

No more boring school bags, go on an adventure with our Zelda Backpacks!

Zelda Games

As a Zelda fan, you will have access to high quality used video games on some of our favourite consoles.

Awaken your inner hero

Welcome to Zelda Shop, where childhood memories come alive!

As lifelong fans of The Legend of Zelda franchise, we embarked on countless adventures in the mythical realms of Hyrule from an early age. Our passion for this enchanting series has driven us to create a store dedicated to sharing the magic with fellow fans.

At Zelda Shop, we embrace the values of courage and loyalty that define the legendary hero, Link. We also firmly believe that keeping our child spirit is crucial to our wellbeing, and our evolution as human beings. We want this dark world to be more joyful, and meaningful, and we believe that by sharing our love for Zelda, we will help others awaken their inner child as well! 

Our carefully curated collection of figurines, accessories, and clothing captures the essence of this extraordinary world. Whether you're seeking to relive cherished childhood moments or embark on new adventures, we have the perfect items to accompany you on your journey.

Join our vibrant community and connect with like-minded fans who share your love for The Legend of Zelda. Discover high-quality products that embody the spirit of this timeless franchise. 

Zelda Shop is your portal to a world where dreams and legends intertwine, and where your fondest childhood memories can be cherished once more.

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