Legend Of Zelda Triforce T-Shirt

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• High quality with elastic properties

Soft and comfortable

3D digital printing

Polyester, organic cotton and elastane


This Legend of Zelda Triforce t-shirt will infuse you with power, depth and Triforce energy

Open world, bright colors, Link, Triforce logo... Everything is there to impress you Zelda fan friends. 

You may be wondering how we got our hands on this fine, Zelda-themed tee. Well, the lovable Link here was a wee bit too excited and accidentally smashed the whole stock of these in Hyrule's outpost! Luckily, we were able to re-create one. And now it's yours. Wear it with pride!

Wearing this Legend of Zelda Triforce t-shirt will play a huge part in spreading the license's values!

* Please do not forget to check our size table : as the t-shirt sizes quite small compared to US standards, we recommend to take one size larger just to be safe! *

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