Why Is It Called The Legend Of Zelda?

Why Is It Called The Legend Of Zelda?

A lot of fellow Zelda fans wonder why their favorite game is named The Legend of Zelda. First of all, why Zelda when Link is the main character? Also, why choose the name Zelda specifically? As huge fans of the saga, we already have a fair idea on how to answer these questions, and we will be able to give you clues about why such a choice was made!

So if you want to know why it is called the Legend of Zelda, sit back, get your favorite tea or coffee, and enjoy the reading!

Princess Zelda was named after a famous american novelist

According to Shigeru Miyamoto, co-creator of the Zelda series, Princess Zelda's name was inspired by the wife of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, an eminent american novelist. Miyamoto really liked F. Scott Fitzgerald, and upon hearing that his wife was called Zelda, he figured it would be the perfect name for a princess. This is how Zelda was chosen and the game was called the Legend of Zelda, simple as that!

Sometimes, you hear a word and its resonance makes you feel something very specific. Have you noticed that very often people's names fit them perfectly? In the Middle Ages and even during other time periods, names and especially surnames were very often given to describe someone's occupation, someone's main quality or life path.

Today, this tradition remains, and you will see some guy named John Baker who will have a 500 years of baking tradition in his family line, transmitted from father to son. Isn't this fascinating? Search for your name and first name's meaning. Doesn't it fit you? Doesn't your personal name's energy resonate with you? For us, strangely, it certainly does!

In Hebrew, Zelda means "Fighting in Darkness". Don't you think this resonates very well with our ethereal, otherwordly princess? Whether this was thought of on purpose or whether this is simply life's strangeness at play, it is undeniable that Zelda's name fits her perfectly. And so does it fit in the name of one of the greatest video game that was ever made.

Why is it called Legend of Zelda when the main character is Link?

I am sure you have already been in this situation. You are talking with a friend about the game, and suddendly somebody interrupts :

"Great! Zelda is such a strong, badass character, what weapon are you using?"

If you shaked your head in a half desperate, half shocked manner, you are not alone! It can be so frustrating to see that everybody thinks that if the game is named the Legend of Zelda, the character you play must be Zelda. But sooner or later they do learn from their mistake...

The universe of Zelda is quite mysterious, and so is its origin. We don't pretend we know the truth, but we certainly have interesting theories as to why the game is named after Zelda and not Link.

1. Zelda as a symbol for something greater

Even though we do not see Zelda more than we see Link, is it necessarily a reason to think the princess is less important? Think about it. What do you value the most: some random rock you see everyday or a beautiful saphire that was offered to you by your great grandmother and passed on from generation to generation? 

The rarest things are very often the ones that make you fantasize the most, that makes you think and feel the most. This is why we also provide rare top quality products on Zelda Shop. We refuse what is trivial, and we strive to propose the most unique things. We encourage being an individual, and following the hero's path, like Link. 

We all agree that if princess Zelda changes in age, height or appearance, there is a special theme that remains consistent throughout the saga. Zelda is the epitome of innocence, purity and represents the light that needs to be saved. It is the very thing that is the most precious. It is the energy that darkness tries its best to steal from us, but that ultimately remains victorious

2. Zelda is the goddess Hylia

Although this statement can still be discussed, and even though there are some differences between the two throughout the saga, it is clear that Zelda's fate is strongly connected to the goddess Hylia.

The goddess Hylia existed long before the story of princess Zelda and long before Link's adventures began. It is said that when the demon king Demise attacked the mortal world, Hylia managed to win but was so deeply wounded that she decided to reincarnate as a mortal in order to become a vessel for fighting this evil in the mortal world, with the help of our hero Link.That is why, in Skyward Sword, it is clear that Hylia and Zelda are the same person. Or if you will, that Zelda is the goddess Hylia's reincarnation as a mortal.

Even though after Skyward Sword we don't hear much about the goddess, there are still some hints about her divinity here and there. Zelda and Hylia then seem to appear strongly connected yet different. But again, the sure thing here is that Hylia's power and energy flow through Zelda, and that makes her legitimately one of, if not the most important character in The Legend of Zelda.

Now that we understand Zelda's crucial importance in the saga, we will delve deeper into Link's role. Maybe some of you still think Link should have given his name to the saga?

3. Shouldn't it be called The Legend Of Link?

We have already discussed the importance of Zelda, and as much as we like to admit that the princess is one of the most important characters, so is our hero Link. If we keep the idea that names are supposed to represent some quality or to define someone, the meaning of "Link" is certainly interesting. Why call a hero, a courageous warrior Link?

Here, we have a quite simple yet logical theory. As the saga takes place all through different ages, in different places and dimensions, our hero is literally the Link between past, present, and future. A little bit like the idea of the norns in Norse mythology, we understand by playing the Legend of Zelda that the past, present and future are all tightly linked and intertwined. We can clearly experience the fact that each small decision can make a significant change in the grand scheme of thing, for better or worse. Fascinating right?

We all agree that by his own role, Link is extremely important. The saga could very well be named after Link, but we do think that picking Zelda was a better choice as the whole point of the saga is to save the princess from the dark powers of Ganon. It is an epic fight between Good and Evil, between Light and Darkness. Also, even if Link is the main character, he is the one who links the player (us!) with the universe, and he is kind of a catalyst balancing wisdom and power. 

Link is the main protagonist, but he is merely the actor through which we experience the game. He is not the primal cause of why the story keeps repeating itself. It is indeed the Legend of Zelda, an eternal fight between what is beautiful, pure, divine, and the darkness both within and without. 

If you want to know what age is Zelda appropriate for, we invite you to read this article!

So what do you guys think: do you think naming the game after Zelda was the best choice?

On Zelda Shop, we chose to put forward princess Zelda's otherwordly, beautiful nature. But most importantly, we want to bring to the fore and embody Link's values: courage, strenght, loyalty, triumph against all odds.

So dear Hylian friends, will you join us on the quest for adventure? Will you choose the hardest yet most rewarding path?

I hope you enjoyed the article "Why Is It Called The Legend Of Zelda?".


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