Top 5 Most Beautiful Landscapes In BOTW

Top 5 Most Beautiful Landscapes In BOTW

We all agree that having good graphics in a video game is important, especially with the new technologies that were developed in the past decades. 

At Zelda Shop, we love beautiful landscapes, both in real life and in movies or games. That is why we have made a selection of the top 5 most beautiful landscapes in BOTW.

So sit back, wear your glasses, and enjoy the beautiful viewings!


5. Mount Lanayru

What a beautiful, otherwordly place ! At the top of the Mount Lanayru, the Spring of Wisdom is guarded by an ancient dragon called Neydra. This dragon serves Ganon and when you beat it, the place becomes even purer energetically. The darkness and eerie surroundings are for sure some of the most beautiful in Breath Of The Wild. What do you think ?

4. Emerging From The Shrine Of Resurrection

After completing the Shrine of Resurrection, you will discover this magnificent Hyrule landscape ! You will even be able to see the lands you will later explore. This sight is for sure memorable. It definitely looks like an amazing painting or at least a piece of art.  

3. Dueling Peaks

The Dueling Peaks is another astounding natural landmark that you will see upon entering Hyrule. There are lots of theories as to what caused the gap between the mountains. In a game with a mysterious, awe-inspiring story, one can only be amazed at what could be the cause. Is it a dragon? Maybe, or maybe not, but this landscape is for sure one of the most impressive of Breath Of The Wild.

2. Satori Mountain


This location is simply magical. We hesitated a long time between the second and the first place for this landscape, because it is simply so magnificent. It is pure, beautiful, mysterious, and basically could be seen as part of paradise. We could see this tree as some kind of Yggdrasil-like tree of life. It is for sure a place that fellow Zelda fans would love to see in Breath Of The Wild 2 !

1. Zora's Domain

Zora's domain could easily be seen as Zelda's Atlantis ! It of undeniable beauty, and the fact it is underwater makes it so pure, so ethereal. As Zora loves to be surrounded by beauty and the water element, there are many fountains and pulls, and as you can see the color blue is proeminent. The blue glow at night makes it an incredibly astounding landscape. This reminded us of the movie Avatar and the story of Atlantis !
As you might now, Zelda is inspired by many things, including Lord of The Rings or Princess Mononoke, so why wouldn't it be influenced by stories of Ancient Civilizations ? In any case, this is a wonderful scenary. 10/10.

What about you, do you enjoy Zelda's colorful and amazing landscapes?

And do you think Tears of the Kingdom will contain even more spectacular landscapes? Feel free to comment below! I hope you enjoyed our Top 5 Most Beautiful Landscapes In BOTW article!

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