The Great Deku Tree

The Great Deku Tree

The Great Deku Tree is one of the characters in the Legend of Zelda series. He takes his name from the Deku which can mean a kind of wooden doll. This mythical tree can be found in Ocarina of Time, in Breath of the Wild, in The Wind Waker and in Hyrule Warriors.

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Who is the Great Deku Tree ?

The tree has a face and looks like an old sage. He is tall and wide. He corresponds the spirit of the forest and the land, and he has been around since the creation of Hyrule. The Deku Tree indeed knows all the stories and legends about it. It is also a guardian of the Kokiris as well as the fairies. This tree is also considered as a deity. It is the guardian of the Korogus and the pedestal of the Legendary Sword.

The Great Deku Tree in Ocarina Of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf consults the Great Deku Tree. He then asks the tree to give him the Kokiri emerald. However, the tree denies. Ganondorf asked Gohma to curse him. The curse condemned the Deku Tree to a certain death. However, the tree asked Link to save it, but he couldn't and the tree gently died out. But first, he had time to give Link a mission. It was to foil Ganondorf's plans. The Deku Tree is reborn afterwards, a few years later, because Link defeated Ganon Spectral. The tree is reborn as a Deku bud.

The Great Deku Tree in Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, the Great Deku Tree lives in Forest Island. He plays the role of spirit for this place. Besides, the Korogus consider it as their father. The tree is very old. He thinks that he comes from the water of the Forest. But in this episode, the serenity of the tree is also disturbed by Ganondorf. Ganondorf and other enemies come to cover the tree with Blobs. At the same time, a Korogus named Dumoria was kidnapped by a monster. The latter was swallowed by Karle Demos. To put an end to Karle Demos' tyranny, the Deku Tree gave Link a Deku Leaf. He uses it to glide. In addition to the leaf, the tree gave Link the Farore Pearl. This pearl will allow the Tower of the Gods to appear.

Every year, a special ceremony is requested by the Deku Tree to the Korogus. During this ceremony, Dumoria is the violinist. It is a celebration appreciated by all. After this ceremony, the tree drops seeds. The Korogus take them away to plant them on an island in the Great Sea. Each seed gives birth to a tree and the planting allows the forest to expand.

The Great Deku Tree in Breath Of The Wild

In Breath of the Wild, the Deku Tree and the Korogu live in the Korogu Forest. The Korogu Forest is located in the Ordinn province, which is in the northeast of Hyrule. In this episode, the trunk of the tree is hollow and accessible. The Korogu have created three shops inside. In this part, Link must cross the woods to reach the Mojo Tree. Then, he must go to the pedestal of the Legendary Sword. Once he gets there, the DekuTree will talk to him and warn him about the sword. The warning is as follows : If Link pulls out the sword, he will die. In this episode, the Deku Tree watches over the sword at Princess Zelda's request. It must do this until the return of the long-awaited hero.


The Great Deku Tree in Hyrule Warriors And Legends

In Hyrule Warriors and Legends, the Deku Tree emerges from the ground when Lana calls for her death blow. This appearance allows to eject all the enemies in one go. The tree also acts as a central fort in Firone Forest. Link and the others use it to establish a base.

The most famous Zelda Tree and Ocarina Of Time, a bit of story

The Deku Tree appears for the first time in Ocarina of Time. To reach it, Link must first cross the Kokiri forest, talk to the children who live there, gain bonuses and various information. He will then meet Mido who will ask him to look for a sword and a shield before going to meet the tree. Without these items, Link will not be able to visit the tree. While searching for the sword and shield, he can collect rubies. These will allow him to buy what he needs.

Once at the foot of the tree, Link can enter. The Great DekuTree is hollow and is composed of various rooms, dungeons, basements, treasures, etc. Various quests await Link in this tree. First of all, there are the upper floors. Once inside, Link will meet various opponents like the Deku baba who will make him win Deku nuts and a Deku stick. There is also the Deku plague that will earn him a heart. Besides these opponents, there are the skulltulas. In this part of the tree, there is a chest containing the dungeon map, a chest containing the fairy slingshot, another chest containing a heart and a chest containing a compass.
Then there are the basements. Here Link will find a golden skulltula that he will have to kill, an underground river, spider webs, a Deku plague, a Deku baba, eggs that can turn into a gohma larva, a locked door that he can later open with a slingshot, a switch to lower the water level, torches, etc. But the real quest in the basement is to defeat the dungeon boss called Gohma. He can lay Gohma eggs that will turn into a larva. By defeating him, Link will be able to obtain a heart receptacle. After getting this receptacle, Link will find a blue glow. At the end, there is the venerable DekuTree. This tree will tell its story and offer Link a Kokiri emerald. Afterwards, the tree will die.

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