Zelda TOTK Bokoblins Hoodie

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  • High quality with elastic properties
  • Soft and comfortable
  • 3D digital printing
  • Polyester, organic cotton and elastane
  • Exclusive to zelda-shop.com

* Please do not forget to check our size table: as the hoodie sizes quite small compared to US standard, we advise to take at least one size larger! *

The Zelda TOTK Bokoblins hoodie represents iconic enemies

These malevolent and savage creatures populate the lands of Hyrule. They have green or blue skin and are intimidating with their sharp teeth. They usually carry improvised weapons such as rusty swords, spears or primitive bows.

Become a Hylian with the Zelda TOTK Bokoblins hoodie!¬†ūüßĚ

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