Zelda Master Sword Cosplay


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  • High quality PU sword
  • Robust and waterproof
  • 80 cm
  • 380 g¬†
  • Highly comfortable and safe¬†
  • Perfect for children or cosplay

What could be better to fight for your life than this magnificent Zelda Master Sword cosplay? 

Whether you want to complete your Link costume or find the perfect weapon to kill your enemies ruthlessly, this sword is made for you! 

Jokes aside, this high quality Master Sword that could defeat Ganon in real life can either serve you as a loyal decoration item, or can completely leave your friends in awe for your next cosplay event. 

The low weight of the object combined with a soft yet robust material makes for a perfect combination to bring it anywhere. The waterproof qualities will also come in handy if you decide to shoot a video clip outside in case it is raining !

As you know, at Zelda Shop, we are involved in spreading values such as honor, courage, loyalty, adventure, and this kind of item is the best to symbolize what we all love in the Legend of Zelda. 

Wear it proudly, dear Hylian friends, and if you need to fight, use the power of triforce with this Zelda Master Sword cosplay!

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