Zelda BOTW Blue T-Shirt


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• High quality with elastic properties

Soft and comfortable

3D digital printing

Polyester, organic cotton and elastane


This Zelda BOTW blue t-shirt will give you the ability to survive even in the deepest terrifying depths of the ocean

If you have ever played The Legend of Zelda, you must have had this feeling: your heart is suddendly beating fast, danger is around and it seems like time has stopped around you. You don't know how but you are suddendly so immersed into the game that it is like Link's survival is all that matters. 

Survival against all kinds of monsters is not always easy, but one thing that can help is take the habit of going out of your comfort zone, and this Zelda BOTW blue t-shirt will certainly help you with that! 

* Please do not forget to check our size table : as the t-shirt sizes quite small compared to US standards, we recommend to take one size larger just to be safe! *

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