Zelda Artwork Bedding


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  • High quality comfortable bed set
  • Includes duvet cover and pillow case
  • Blend of cotton and polyester
  • 3.3 lb

    • US Twin (2pcs): Duvet Cover: 173*218cm*1, Pillow case: 50*75cm*1
    • US Full (3pcs): Duvet Cover: 203*228cm*1, Pillow case: 50*75cm*2
    • US Queen (3pcs): Duvet Cover: 228*228cm*1, Pillow case: 50*75cm*2
    • US King (3pcs): Duvet Cover: 259*228cm*1, Pillow case: 51*91cm*2
    • US Cal-King (3pcs): Duvet Cover: 264*239cm*1, Pillow case: 51*91cm*2

      • AU Single (2pcs): Duvet Cover: 140*210cm*1, Pillow case: 50*75cm*1
      • AU Double (3pcs): Duvet Cover: 180*210cm*1, Pillow case: 50*75cm*2
      • AU Queen (3pcs): Duvet Cover: 210*210cm*1, Pillow case: 50*75cm*2
      • AU King (3pcs): Duvet Cover: 245*210cm*1, Pillow case: 50*75cm*2

          • EU Single (2pcs): Duvet Cover:135*200cm*1, Pillow case:50*75cm*1
          • EU Double (3pcs): Duvet Cover: 200*200cm*1, Pillow case:50*75cm*2
          • EU King (3pcs): Duvet Cover: 240*220cm*1, Pillow case: 50*75cm*2
          • EU Super King (3pcs): Duvet Cover: 260*220cm*1, Pillow case: 50*75cm*2

          TheĀ Zelda artworkĀ bedding features a stunning designĀ depicting Link on his horse

          This picture is related to Breath of the Wild, the massively succesful Nintendo Switch game.

          Become a Hylian with ourĀ Zelda artworkĀ bedding!šŸ§

          *Ā If you are having any doubt regarding the size, pleaseĀ check our size guide *

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