Royal Blue Zelda Ocarina


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  • 12 holes
  • 6.30" x 3.94"
  • Hand stand included
  • Perfect for music lovers and Zelda fans alike
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The Royal blue Zelda ocarina represents the most mythical instrument inĀ Ocarina of Time

If you tooĀ want to pay tribute to Zelda's beautiful music, this is the perfect fit for you.

Become a Hylian with theĀ Royal blue Zelda ocarina!Ā šŸ§

ļ»æļ»æļ»æļ»æļ»æļ»æIf you are looking for the perfect decoration, or if you want to play this awesome instrument, ourĀ Zelda dark blueĀ ocarinaĀ is perfect for you! If you would like to see more ocarinas, check out ourĀ Zelda ocarinaĀ collection. To complete your decoration, we offer a wide range of products in theĀ Zelda decorationsĀ collection.