Link And Epona Painting


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  • Small size (width x height): 19.69 inch x 9.85 inch
  • Medium size (width x height): 39.38 inch x 19.69 inch
  • Large size (width x height): 59.06 inch x 31.5 inch
  • Extra large size (width x height): 78.75 inch x 39.38 inch
  • High quality : "Canvas" printing

The Link and Epona painting represents our hero with his mount

This is a mare present in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess.

Become a Hylian with the Link and Epona painting! 🧝

If you are looking for the perfect decoration, our Link and his horse painting should embellish your home perfectly! If you would like to see more paintings, check out our Zelda painting collection. To complete your decoration, we offer a wide range of products in the Zelda decorations collection.