Korok TOTK Lego Pack

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  • Perfect gift and fun to assemble for the fun of it!
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  • Brown Korok TOTK Lego : 6.20 inch, 86┬ápieces
  • Green Korok TOTK Lego : 5.76 inch, 115┬ápieces
  • Korok Lego : 5.61 inch, 101┬ápieces
  • Korok TOTK Lego : 3.94 inch, 108┬ápieces
  • Red Korok TOTK Lego : 4.22 inch, 91┬ápieces
  • Hestu Lego : 7.12 inch, 217┬ápieces
  • Suitable for children
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The Korok TOTK Lego pack represents several entertaining creatures

Koroks move at breakneck speed and have a comical demeanor. They are known for their energetic dances and musical performances with strange instruments.

Become a Hylian with the Korok TOTK Lego pack!┬á­čžŁ

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