Cosplay Hylian Shield


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  • High quality PU shield
  • Robust and waterproof
  • Quality finishes 
  • 17.7 inch x 13.4 inch
  • 380 g
  • Easily transportable 

How do you want to protect yourself against your enemies if you don’t have this magnificent cosplay Hylian shield?

What is more crucial than protecting yourself and your loved ones in these scary yet fascinating times?

At, we only deliver high quality products, and rest assured that this Hylian Shield is more than enough to make any of your enemies back off! 

Like Link, we are not condoning violence for the sake of violence. Rather, we like to give our community the opportunity to defend themselves. Not necessarily against real monsters, but first and foremost against other people’s opinion, against society’s stereotypes, but also against inner enemies such as anxiety, fear of failure, fear of ridicule etc.

As much as this Hylian shield is great to complete your Zelda cosplay, it is so much more. It symbolizes courage, strength, and the ability to overcome any obstacles. This replica is almost 100% similar to Link’s shield, and it will be perfect for reminding you of these extremely important values. The triforce symbol and its energy will always follow and protect you.

Also, the finition is beautiful enough so that you will be able to use this shield as decoration once your Cosplay event or party is finished! 

If you want to add an essential item to your Link costume, your Zelda collection, or if you simply want to decorate your house with an universe you love, this cosplay Hylian shield is the perfect fit for you!

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