What is the fairy's name in Zelda and who is it?

What is the fairy's name in Zelda and who is it?

"Hey, listen! If you want to know everything about Link's fairy comrade, you will love reading this article. Discover without further delay all the information and the history of this mysterious fairy! 

We will first talk about what the fairy's name is in Zelda, and who it is!

Description of Navi the fairy

Navi is a character who first appears in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She is the little fairy who accompanies Link in his adventure to save the kingdom of Hyrule.

Navi plays an important role in The Legend of Zelda series, as she is the first character in the saga to keep Link company throughout the game. She is also the first dubbed character of the series!


She is simply a fairy who has the appearance of a small glittering ball of light with four wings, as is often the case with fairies in The Legend of Zelda series. Usually blue in color, she can also be white from time to time but it is quite rare. Navi comes from the Kokiri Forest and forms an inseparable team with Link even if she doesn't really believe in him at the beginning of the game. As the adventure progresses, her opinion eventually changes and she ends up trusting the hero.


Navi is a kind of guide for Link and she gives him precious information during the game, especially about his enemies. She can change color when Link encounters certain situations: blue when he approaches a character, yellow when an enemy is close, and green when there is an element of the scenery that intrigues him. Of course, she doesn't hesitate to remind the player of his quest and the destination he has in mind.

Link's first meeting with Navi

In the timeless adventure of Ocarina of Time, the Great Deku Tree dispatches Navi on a mission to seek out a young Hylian lad, none other than our legendary hero, Link. Sensing the looming peril encroaching upon the Kingdom of Hyrule, the wise Mojo Tree recognizes the need for Link's intervention and beckons for his assistance. In a unique twist, the Mojo Tree not only recognizes Link's valor but also acknowledges the absence of a fairy companion, a departure from the norm in the Kokiri Forest. As a result, Navi is bestowed upon Link, becoming an indispensable ally destined to accompany him throughout the epic journey that unfolds, ensuring that he is not alone in facing the challenges that await him.

Navi meets Link for the first time in his cabin and her first impression is not very positive. She doubts that he is really capable of helping the Mojo Tree with the threat to Hyrule. She is surprised at how lazy the boy is, but she takes him to him anyway.

Interesting theories about Navi the fairy

Feelings for Link

Shigeru Miyamoto revealed in an interview that the fairy Navi has feelings for Link, a fact that was never directly stated in the game. According to him, she is even jealous of Princess Zelda!

Navi in Majora's Mask

At the beginning of the game Majora's Mask, Link is looking for a friend. This friend turns out to be the fairy Navi. Again, this is not directly confirmed in this game, but it is in the manga and it is also clearly written in the book Hyrule Historia.

Departure of Navi the fairy

Like us, many of you are probably wondering why the fairy Navi leaves Link once her mission is over... Well, the answer is simple, Navi is not really Link's fairy and she simply carried out the mission entrusted by the Mojo tree, that of helping our hero to fulfill his destiny. Finally, Link is not a real Kokiri, and this also explains Navi's departure at the end of her quest.

Interesting facts about Navi the fairy

Origin of the name Navi

Navi seems to come from the verb "to sail" or the word "ship". Her name would therefore have a link with her role which is to guide Link to "navigate" through the kingdom of Hyrule as a kind of rudder.

Navi in Hyrule Warriors

Our famous fairy makes an appearance in the North American version of Hyrule Warriors. She appears in the Mount Peril level during the main story in the Ocarina of Time era. She asks Impa and Sheik to help her free Princess Ruto, but she is not with the Link of this era. In the European and Japanese version, she is simply called "Fairy" even though she strongly resembles Navi by her bright blue and glittering color.

Navi in Smash Bros

She appears in the Smash Bros Brawl and Wii U/3DS games. When Link is doing one of his provocations, Navi can be seen in her Twilight Princess appearance. Navi is also at Link's side as a child in Ultimate.

Navi in Breath of the Wild

Navi does not appear in the game Breath of the Wild, but a lake located in the province of Necluda has her Japanese name, Nabi.

Navi's favorite phrases

"Watch Out!"
"Hey, look!"

Navi the fairy can say these few words, which have now become cult quotes, depending on the situation and in order to guide our hero in his adventure. Her interpreter is Kaori Mizuhashi. It is also him who lends his voice to Ciela, the fairy of Phantom Hourglass.


But then, are we going to see the fairy Navi in a future Zelda?

The absence of Navi in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might leave fans wondering about the possibility of her return in the sequel. However, it's important to note that chances are slim, and while surprises can never be ruled out, her limited presence since Ocarina of Time has left mixed opinions among fans. Even Shigeru Miyamoto, the co-creator of The Legend of Zelda franchise, expressed reservations about Navi, contributing to the ambivalence surrounding her character. As the sequel unfolds, the question of Navi's reappearance remains uncertain, leaving fans to speculate on the potential surprises that may or may not lie ahead in Link's latest adventure.

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