How to Unlock Every Main Ability in Tears Of The Kingdom

How to Unlock Every Main Ability in Tears Of The Kingdom

Back in the days of Zelda, players used to discover abilities through items found in dungeons throughout the game. These items, such as the Hookshot and Roc's Cape, not only helped solve puzzles but also opened up new possibilities in previously explored areas. However, in the latest installment of The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, abilities were obtained either through the Sheikah Slate or the spirits of the Four Champions.

The new game, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, introduces a new set of abilities acquired from various sources. In our article, we will delve into how to unlock every main ability in Tears of the Kingdom!


Tears of the Kingdom: Unlocking Every Main Ability

At the beginning of Tears of the Kingdom, Link unfortunately loses his right arm and the Master Sword to the malevolent force known as the Gloom. In a desperate attempt to save Link's life, the Zonai Rauru grafts his own arm onto Link, granting him new abilities. These abilities serve a similar purpose to the Sheikah Slate abilities in Breath of the Wild but come with some notable differences.

Unlocking Ultrahand

Named after Nintendo's toy, the Ultrahand ability in Tears of the Kingdom functions similarly to Magnesis in Breath of the Wild. However, Ultrahand surpasses the limitations of manipulating only metal objects. With this ability, players can manipulate and rotate nearly any object in the game world. Furthermore, Ultrahand allows players to attach items together, creating contraptions, vehicles, and more.

Ultrahand is the first ability players encounter in Tears of the Kingdom. It can be found in the Uhouh Shrine, located on the Great Sky Island, which players will discover early on in their adventure.

Unlocking Fuse

While Ultrahand is for everyday objects, Fuse specializes in enhancing weapons and shields. In a world where weapons are fragile, Fuse reinforces crucial equipment and enables players to experiment with various combinations. By fusing different items together, players can create more powerful weapons or unique tools like spears with extended reach or shields turned into makeshift skateboards.

Fuse is another ability players learn in the starting area, specifically within the In-Isa Shrine situated in the western part of the Great Sky Island.


Unlocking Ascend

Ascend is one of two utility abilities in Tears of the Kingdom. This power allows Link to swim through roofs and emerge from higher points, hence its name. Ascend enables players to bypass certain climbing challenges, which proves particularly useful given the abundance of caves and caverns in the game. Mastery of this ability becomes essential for seamless exploration.

Ascend serves as the third and final ability players obtain in a Great Sky Island Shrine called Gutanbac Shrine. However, reaching this shrine can be quite challenging as it is located in the eastern portion of the starting area, covered in freezing snow. To reach it, players will need to prepare spicy meals that increase Link's tolerance to the cold.


Unlocking Recall

In Breath of the Wild, Link could briefly stop time for objects and enemies, storing up kinetic energy to unleash later. Tears of the Kingdom takes this concept further with Recall. This ability allows Link to rewind time for objects, providing even more possibilities. Players can deflect enemy projectiles or use fallen rocks as a means of transportation. However, the power of Recall is limited to a few seconds, so strategic usage is crucial.

After acquiring Ascend, Fuse, and Ultrahand, players are directed by Rauru to the Temple of Time. Inside, a giant version of the object discovered by Zelda in the caves under Hyrule Castle awaits. Interacting with it triggers a cutscene, ultimately granting players the Recall ability.


Unlocking Autobuild

Autobuild in Tears of the Kingdom functions as an enhanced version of Ultrahand. This ability allows players to attach items en masse, recreating previously constructed inventions or using blueprint-based Schema Stones. Autobuild simplifies the process of creating complex structures, resembling the experience of building objects in a Lego video game.

Unlike other Rauru Hand abilities, Autobuild is rewarded through a quest chain involving the Depths. These dangerous, monster-infested caves beneath Hyrule are the primary setting for the quest chain. Players should begin with the quest "Camera Work in the Depths" in Lookout Landing, as it unlocks another ability, and continue until reaching the mission "A Mystery in the Depths." Progressing through the main story may be necessary to unlock specific quest chains. Following the statues underground, as indicated by their pointing directions, leads to the discovery of Autobuild. However, brave adventurers can explore and find Autobuild earlier by following the statues without progressing through the associated quest.

Unlocking Camera

Similar to the Map, the Camera in Tears of the Kingdom is not considered an ability per se but rather a feature of the Purah Pad. Players can use the Purah Pad to capture pictures, functioning identically to the Sheikah Slate's camera in Breath of the Wild. The Camera proves essential for avid photographers and becomes relevant in various quests. Additionally, completing the enemy compendium requires players to photograph every encountered enemy.

When discussing Autobuild, I previously mentioned starting with the quest "Camera Work in the Depths" to unlock another ability. Now, you know that the reward for completing that mission is the Camera itself. By following the objectives of the quest, players will reach the designated checkpoint where the game unlocks the Camera feature.


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